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Learning Circle Team

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These experts try to answer your questions throughout the Learning Circle project. 

We can have an 'online consultation’ by email, Skype or phone. 

You can also write your remarks and questions in the 'comment box' at the bottom of the page. 






Email to facilitator:

Manon van Herwijnen (Coordinator Learning Circles)


Email address Country Coordinators (questions about registration, workshops, in-country support)




Natasha Cherednichenko

Is principal of the Pedagogical Liceum in Kirovograd, Ukraine.

Facilitator for the Learning Circles 'Saving Our Planet' and coordinator for Ukraine.                                                                                                   

Manon van Herwijnen (page)      

Trainer/coach in international educational projects.

Coordinator for the Learning Circles. 



Anita Townsend (page)

Anita is now an independent educational consultant and GTP coordinator in Canada.

She was a principal in three different schools each providing a unique context for leadership

and named one of Canada’s Outstanding Principals in 2007.

Bob Hofman

Bob is executive director for the Global Teenager Foundation and project coordinator for the Learning Circles.

Bob works in 40+ countries and enjoys Social Media, giving us the opportunity to learn WITH each other rather than ABOUT each other.


Merel Meuwese  

Facilitator Learning Circles English Literature.

Master's degree in Literary Studies.                                                                                                  

picture  Charlotte Tervit 


picture Miriam Weekers picture Nila Pershad





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